Gani is founded in 1988. Major business is selling spare parts for large bore diesel engines. In 2003, started marketing of newbuilding equipments as well and started cooperating major Korean manufacturers. Today GANI is also The European distributor for some of them. In 2007 established its own service center by recruiting its own service team. Untill today our service team has achieved many successfull installations and inspections all around the world. In 2010 & 2011 as a result of international marketing facilities, GANI has won major tenders from Russian shipyards and delivered them successfuly. In 2013, GANI has appointed by AMOT UK, as represantative for entire range of AMOT products for Greece and Cyprus Republic too.


All our services targets “customer satisfaction” at first step. We want to give best service to our customers with aiming the perfection always.

Our missions are as below to achieve the best quality on all our services to our customers;